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Here are three songs I recorded last winter at Studio Erde, in Berlin.  They are originals, played and composed and sung by me, except on Dreams, in which the piano a beautifully played by Millie Kühn.

I had intended to “do something” with these songs, but I found myself too critical of my performance to hold them up for scrutiny.  Still, the music bug doesn’t go away, so here I am again.  I set my sights high.  I intend to get there.  The voice is the purest expression of the human soul.  I keep on digging…

In the year since these were recorded, I have worked my voice in the most extraordinary way.  Today, I sing differently from what you hear below.  Still, I am not ashamed to share these tracks.  This is mainly because I have realised a huge and monumental truth:  becoming an artist, especially a voice artist, is a long and arduous path, especially if you start late and do it on your own.  My voice journey began in 1999 and it has taken until now, 2017, to find my register and timbre.  A labor of love.  A labor of self-scrutiny, of self-expression and, ultimately, of self-acceptance.  I hope that you like my songs.



Angel Of The Light.mp3

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You know what? I love your songs and your voice.
The best voice is when it’s coming from the heart, and when i listen your voice i can’t tell the contrary.
Just believe in yourself Rachel and you will see one day evrything will come easy to you.
Thank you for your song and take care.


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